Emea Tribune

The EMEA Tribune was founded in March 2020 by DJ Kamal Mustafa. Our goal is to be the main news portal in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Pakistan, and our visitors are all readers living in and around the region who are deeply concerned about this fate. EMEA TRIBUNE is known for its “investigative journalism”, where we publish unique stories from research to celebrities, thus making it viral for everyone. We have been published in news blogs and the international media has quoted us and published our report.


The EMEA Tribune looks at issues from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Pakistan and does not cover our specific audience. Our goal is to bring local voices to the fore in an analysis that does not fit into the political or financial agenda.

We have a medium and ever-growing network of freelance journalists and columnists covering 5 countries, developed by syndicated content from influential think tanks, news outlets, and other quality online publications. In addition to focusing on UAE and Middle East news, we also offer a number of valuable and interactive features that are exclusive to the online version. The online version is not just a print version. The book is aimed at readers at home and abroad who are interested in news and information about the UAE as well as the Middle East and Pakistan in general.


The EMEA Tribune aims to differentiate readers in area coverage by providing independent news, analysis and commentary produced by expert voices and intimidating reporters. Our agenda is driven by events, not political tendencies.